Interactive Fiction Writing Month

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Submitted Stories

Week Four: Custom Verb

Chrisamaphone: Up Your Sleeve (Part Two)

kjm: Frater Evanesco

mhilborn: Sea Dreams

aleffert: Colophon

Ahlec: Bus Station v4

Fjord Folio: Painterly (fragment)

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Week Three: Non-Player Character

Viv Dunstan: Smugglers Rest

kjm: Frater Evanesco

mhilborn: Late Train to Nowhere

Cobalt: Laura

Squinky: Spare Some Change

Ahlec: Bus Station v3

Fjord Folio: No Muse

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Week Two: Player Character

Viv Dunstan: Tower

Tekgo: Blackberry

kjm: Heavenly Rest

mhilborn: Octopus's Garden

Cobalt: Laura

Squinky: Grocery Shopping

Ahlec: Bus Station

Lorne: Searching for Answers

Chrisamaphone: Up Your Sleeve (Part One)

hvincent: Metro Hobo

All Week 2 submissions

Week One: Setting

Cobalt: Inheritance

kjm: Heavenly Rest Switcheroo

Rob Maule: IT Building

Chrisamaphone: Winter

Furious Coder: Artifice

jfred: Trails

mhilborn: Heaven-Sent

binder: Rolled

Sarah: Perilkeet

Viv Dunstan: Tower

namekuseijin: Hello World!

George: Checkpoint

wlovas: the office

Squinky: Breaking and Entering

Aric: Oh My Elder-God

Fjord Folio: Zero-0

Ahlec: Bus Station

hvincent: Metro Hobo

Gwillen: Blasphemy

aleffert: Colophon

All Week 1 submissions